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Qortal 2.0 is Here!

(version 2.0 core) Qortal 2.0 - 'Infinite' Scalability That's right Qortians! We have launched Qortal version 2.0 (Core)!  In version 2.0 there are MANY new enhancements, mainly focused around ea...
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What Is The QORTAL Blockchain Project?

Here is an unofficial 'grey paper' of sorts by Crowetic and G factor laying out specifics about QORTAL and where the project currently resides. As this is a fully decentralized project, this is si...
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Qortal – Version 1.4.0 UI/Core – bring cross-chain LTC trading to Qortal!

Hello Qortians! Today is a MOMENTUS DAY for Qortal! Today we have LTC in the Trade Portal and a BRAND NEW completely unregulated and completely decentralized market with LTC! on top of tha...
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Qortal updates – core version 1.3.9 and UI version 1.3.2

Update to Qortal has been pushed. Core Version 1.3.9 The Qortal Core will auto-update if you are sync’d and do not have auto-updates disabled in your settings.json. Qortal core version 1.3.9...
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LTC and PRESENCE bring a FAST and CHEAP cross-chain market to Qortal

New – LTC and ‘PRESENCE’ Right now, on the testnet of Qortal, and Litecoin… we are testing the newest additions to the Qortal Blockchain Platform… The new additions are Litecoin (full, local wall...
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What does Qortal have NOW?

Hello Qortians! It seems that lately there has been some 'confusion' in regard to what Qortal HAS NOW and what CAN BE DONE with it. Therefore, this blog post has become a necessity.  In this pos...
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