Qortal Newsletter Update: May 2023 Edition

Qortal Newsletter Update: May 2023 Edition

Get ready for the next chapter in Qortal’s story! April brought forth a long list of core and UI enhancements including the long awaited Q-Apps! We also have a couple of new interviews to share and have more scheduled in the upcoming weeks – now is a great time to kick our marketing efforts into high gear as we’ve reached a new threshold in Qortal’s capabilities!

Project Update


The secure by default, easy, and extremely liberating tool for creating apps freely, is live! Q-Apps allow developers the ability to create anything they want, free from any censorship or gatekeeping. All of this is made possible by Qortal’s infrastructure which has no reliance on centralized components or third party tools. Therefore Qortal itself does not have any choke points other than 1) current use of GitHub for our code repository (we backup our files in other locations for now, and have plans for a GitHub Replacement on Qortal) and 2) internet service itself (an alternative internet service solution is also within our roadmap). When it comes to building an application on Qortal, you’ll simply set up a node and account, then be able to build your app without any sort of fees or permission from the network. Your app can even make use of the cryptocurrencies we’ve built support for! The only aspect of gatekeeping when it comes to building apps, are with projects who seek their own asset, in which you will need to submit a proposal summary to the community about your ethical project, and we can get it approved through a process known as ‘asset issuance’. Other than this aspect, building Q-Apps is the new wild west!

Our team is working on Q-Apps technical guides and videos, a dedicated Q-Apps website, and a dedicated Q-Apps server on Discord where our team will assist you where possible. The ultimate goal is to eventually move completely over to Qortal (making Discord obsolete), but Qortal is not quite there yet. Join us!

Q-Apps Website: (Coming Soon)

Q-Apps Discord: https://discord.gg/d7Zg4B2KYw

Current Technical Guide: https://github.com/Qortal/qortal/blob/master/Q-Apps.md

Wiki Overview Page: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=q-apps


Q-Blog is our first Q-App demo where users can create their own blogs up to 500mb each! No ads, no middlemen, no oversight control! Check out these walk-thru videos on how to use Q-Blog and a few other things such as auto-install in the UI. https://qortal.link/APP/Q-Blog/Q-Blog/qblog/Publishing-Blog-s-SncAO3

New Qortal Node Setup Feature

We are excited to announce that installing Qortal on a computer and turning it into a node, is as simple as downloading the user interface and following the prompts. This new feature streamlines the process of downloading the user interface as well as the core (which has previously been a separate install process). Setting up a node is now a breeze! Simply select the download option for your computer’s operating system at: https://qortal.org/downloads/

Crowetic on QDN

This is a progressive webpage built by Crowetic to be a demo of some of the various functionalities such as QDN Video, QDN Music, and QDN Files possible only in QDN. 

Crowetic’s Qortal Cloud

You now may use the Crowetic’s hosted Qortal Cloud, which is run by his servers and not on Qortal, to create documents such as in the Google Doc platform, Crowetic just enabled the Forms App to do so. Enjoy! https://cloud.qortal.org/apps/forms/s/nATyMYB2fPM88HPQMZoNtPZH


Qnect 0.1.8 has been released. This is a mobile app for Android, and an app downloadable on Linux and Windows systems. Soon this app will have a notifications feature for unread messages. The developer Ido is planning to write a new version of an app like this which will be written from scratch using software called React – which will make account authentication possible (the ability to safely login with your Qortal account, as the current app only allows for read-only with no login capabilities). Stay tuned!

Download the native build at: https://site.qnect.org/Downloads.html 

Or use the web-based version at: https://www.qnect.org/ 

Future Upgrade Plans


An email type application is in the works! It’s expected to go live in the next UI release! Here is an overview page about this feature: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=chain_messaging


Originally, Q-Tube was expected to be part of the Q-Apps launch as a demo along with Q-Blogs. Given the things we’ve run into with Q-Blog videos, and Q-Tube intended to be solely a video platform, the team has been holding off on launching Q-Tube. The current focus is making modifications to the way data is handled, so that when posting larger files whether on Q-Blogs or Q-Tube, we can mitigate the random issues we see at the moment. Stay tuned! It’s all in the works!

Lite Nodes

Eventually we will have ‘Lite Nodes’ where mobile devices will be able to communicate with full nodes on the Qortal Network and be able to make use of nearly everything Qortal has to offer (the Trade Portal will not be an available feature as that requires a full node to conduct true P2P trades). You can read more about the differences between node types and this Lite Node concept at: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=node_types

Mesh Networking

Qortal’s roadmap includes a concept for ‘mesh networking’ which will be an internet service alternative. The team has begun looking into a protocol called Reticulum which seems to be existing technology that already exists and seems to be exactly what we’ve conceptualized so far for Qortal’s Mesh Networking. Therefore, it looks like Qortal will be making use of Reticulum – we thought it would be appropriate to announce this finding although we do not have more information to provide just yet. You can read more about the mesh network concept at: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=mesh_networking

GitHub Replacement 

One of the most important elements for any project is where they collaborate and store their codebase. Coming soon, is GitHub Replacement on Qortal’s infrastructure, not only for our project, for any others that may be interested in having complete control over their repo and no reliance on third parties! You can read more about this concept at: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=github_replacement


There are plans to further enhance the speed and scalability of the metadata as well. More info on this coming soon!

Social Media

Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit 2 (DAY 1)

Bitcoin #Crypto #Cryptocurrency Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit 2 (DAY 1) https://rumble.com/v2iziz6-crypto-mindset-reset-virtual-summit-2-day-1.html

Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit 2 (Day 1)

Crowetic made another awesome Qortal introduction as a decentralized ‘Digital Infrastructure Replacement’ for the internet as we know it. Crowetic explains how everyone can make use of the platform, from everyday users to developers! Topics covered include the ability for developers to easily create and publish Q-Apps freely, how Q-Blogs will become a future web builder, Q-Tube’s ability to download videos, a better concept for NFTs, and more! 

This video link was a live stream event with multiple speakers, so you’ll need to skip through if you want to go right to the parts where Crowe speaks. At the time marker 02:05:28 and again at 03:33:16!

Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit 2 (DAY 2)

Web3 #Bitcoin #Crypto Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit 2 (DAY 2) https://rumble.com/v2j3f0k-crypto-mindset-reset-virtual-summit-2-day-2.html

Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit 2 (Day 2)

Check out CMR Summit2 on day 2, where Crowe provides a walkthrough of Qortal’s UI at the time marker 03:15:58!

Sayer Ji from Green Med Info talks censorship, AI, consciousness and COSMIC FREEDOM with Mike Adams

To learn more, visit: www.Greenmedinfo.com and www.unite.liveFor more updates, visit…www.brighteon.com


Shout out to Sayer Ji from Green Med Info who speaks about Qortal with Mike Adams while they discuss a variety of topics including censorship, AI, consciousness, and cosmic freedom!

Qortal Think Tank Meetings

Get into the brainstorming talks among crowetic, other co-founders, developers, and the community! These are casual chats open to the public. You can find recordings of these weekly meetings on the wiki: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=information_videos

Or in our Q-Blog: https://qortal.link/APP/q-blog/Qortal-Think-Tank/Publishing

Wiki Updates

The process for how to manually bootstrap has been added to this existing wiki page:  https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=how_to_bootstrap_delete_the_db#manual_bootstrap

The original Chain Messaging page has been converted into the Q-Mail page: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=q-mail


Qortal Community Initiatives

We seek to build solutions! Check out our Community Initiatives here: https://qortal.link/community-initiatives/index.html

Qortal AT Lottery

Be on the lookout for the next decentralized automated lottery within the Qortal UI! Your chances of winning are completely random! Nobody handles any aspect of this manually (it’s all managed by what is called an ‘Automated Transaction’ and often referred to as ‘AT’). In order to buy a lottery ticket, you simply send a set amount of QORT to a specific address (the AT’s address), and you can only buy one ticket per Qortal Account. The system will then select a winning ‘ticket’ at a predetermined block arrival. This is one of many alternate use cases for the AT system of Qortal and makes for a great demo! The AT address will be different for each lottery issued. In the future, the ability to create these lottery ATs and many other types of ATs will be built into the Qortal UI.

Ticket price of previous lotteries: 10 QORT (ticket price is programmable upon AT launch)

Read more about the Lottery System here: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=lottery_system

Crowetic Hardware Development “CHD”

Custom laptops and QORTector devices utilizing the Raspberry Pi are available at CHD for those interested in a pre-built device! CHD is now also offering a service for you to ship your existing computer and have it upgraded if you’d like! With this service, your computer will be formatted with Linux while also enhanced for security and privacy. You can read more about this new service at: https://test.crowetic.com/index.php/chd-upgrade/

Final Words 

The next generation of the Internet will not be harvesting your data, as that data simply doesn’t exist on the Qortal Data Network (QDN). Content creators can now have complete control over their work, just as the everyday user can have complete control over their account with wallets, trading, communications, and more! Welcome to the future where Qortal’s technology focuses on restoring individual sovereignty and collective consciousness. With virtually no cost to get started, what are you waiting for?

Motivational Quote

“The world is our oyster.’’ ~Crowetic”

Join Us!

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