The Qortal Network

Truly Decentralized

Community-Driven Decentralized Internet Infrastructure of the Future! QORTAL’s Unique Egalitarian Minting Protocol & Distributed Leveling System Are Designed For A More Secure & Liberating Digital World.


Qortal Blockchain Project

A completely unique (written completely from scratch) blockchain-based infrastructure platform capable of eventually rebuilding the internet entirely, as well as establishing the framework for a worldwide economic system based on individual input for gaining of influence in the network.

Removing completely the ability to gain any influence by monetary means. No longer can a user begin with a large amount of money, and have any benefit over a user who may not have as much money. This creates a truly fair and honest ecosystem wherein users may provide their assistance, support, and various methods of input in order to obtain larger influence in the network and voting system of the platform that decides its future.

What Is The QORTAL Project?


Download QORTAL Core & UI


Truly run by the individual users of the network.

The Qortal network is meant to be running longer than any of the current development team will live. It is meant to rebuild the internet, and economic system of the world.

Therefore the current development team is merely the current development team, and there will be many others in the future.

We are always looking for new contributors from the community to continue building out the future of the platform. Get involved with the Qortal Community to become part of the future.

Many features on top of the ones that are already existing on the chain, will continue to be added. From data storage and web hosting, to the voting system that will run the future of the platform based on vote by the leveled minters and other leveling-enabled account types in the future.

Qortal's Blockchain

How blockchains are meant to be - In line with original satoshi ideals

The original concept behind BTC original whitepaper, was to have users mine BTC on their home computers. Over time, however, that was destroyed by the invention of mining software that was much faster running on Graphics processors, then eventually running on ASIC machines, specifically built to mine the BTC algo.

This lead to the centralization of power on the BTC network, into the hands of people who have enough money to buy massive amounts of the ASIC machines.

Qortal’s ‘minting’ system removes the influence by money toward the rewards of the network. No user can obtain any influence in The Qortal Network in any other method other than obtaining a sponsorship by another minter of level 5+, or a founder. Therefore the minters on the network are created by other minters, and by remaining legitimate, and continuing to run your minting node and support the network, you gain in level, and thus influence.

This influence is then portayed in the voting system, so the only way influence can be gained on the network is by proving yourself a legit network node, helping to process transactions.

Qortal Project Details and features

The Qortal Blockchain project aims to bring a completely decentralized internet infrastructure backed by a worldwide, fair economic system based on individual input by each user.

Completely Decentralized Trade Portal - no more centralized exchanges to be hacked!

The Trade Portal, the first main application aside from Qortal’s Q-Chat communications platform, is now live.

There is no need anymore to let go of control over your precious crypto coins in order to trade. Qortal’s Trade Portal does completely cross-chain trades, automated for ease-of-use, with the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain right now, and will do many other coins in the future.

LTC is now live, send coin to your Qortal LTC wallet, and use those LTC to directly trade with QORT in Qortal’s Trade Portal!

World First - Completely decentralized real-time blockchain-based communications system

Qortal Network launched with another of its world firsts… a completely decentralized communications system Q-Chat. At the moment it utilizes text based chat only, however in the future there will be voice and video communications and screen share, so that it can fully replace other communications platforms such as slack.

Groups and group chats are also possible, at the moment group chat is not fully encrypted, but is base58 encoded. There will be full encryption in the future.

A truly decentralized system of fair input-based influence

The whole concept of the Qortal network, is the building of a truly decentralized internet based on fairness. Backed by an economic system that is worldwide, fair, and totally honest.

The system itself is honest, transparent, and completely custom.

Based on votes by leveled accounts, the system will be completely fair in both the future development and future decisions will all be made by vote of the users on the platform.

Aiming to build the world’s most honest and transparent User-Run worldwide platform to run the future digital world.

Qortal Brings Freedom to The Entire World

Secure Infrastructure for the Next Technological Generation

The Qortal Network will bring back individual sovereignty to the people of the world. Will rebuild the internet in an unhackable fashion, will resolve devastation caused by exchange hacks and thefts, will build a new worldwide economic system based on honesty, openness, trustlessness, and transparency. Vote-controlled, with votes weighted based on network input. A FAIR SYSTEM, with room for everyone to earn their place!

The existing internet and non-existent worldwide economic system, combined with the huge issue of large companies owning nearly everything, and only getting bigger and controlling more and more… are huge issues that need resolution. Introducing to the world, The Qortal Network, wherein solutions to all of these issues and MUCH MORE can be found or created. Input from the community is ESSENTIAL to the underlying model and is how development will be carried out on Qortal for years to come.


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Phase 1 - Establish Network

Launched April 2020

This phase is about the establishment and growth of the base level of The Qortal Network, which heavily points toward ‘The Minters’.

Along with the establishment of the ‘Trade Portal’ (live now) which allows users to BUY and SELL the main coin of the platform, QORT, with LTC, the network also includes a revolutionary P2P on-chain communication tool called QChat which does not require fees to use!

Now chat securely and privately with Qchat, create groups and build secure online communities without censorship or fees.

Phase 2 - Trade Portal

Launched November 2020

The Trade Portal of Qortal (its namesake) was created to completely REMOVE centralized entities from the act of making trades in financial markets.

It has the capability to rebuild ALL exchanges in this fashion, wherein there is NO AUTHORITY over the TRADES taking place on the portal. Every trade is DIRECT P2P utilizing platform for SmartContracts, and a custom written (as everything on Qortal is) ‘Trade Bot’ (for lack of a better term) running on each individual node that automates the multiple stages involved in a TRUE cross-chain coin trade, so that the Trade Portal is as simple to use as any centralized trade service but without any of the risks involved in those services.

Directly CROSS-CHAIN with NO INTERMEDIARY. A Trader utilizing the Trade Portal, NEVER HAS TO LET GO OF CONTROL OVER THEIR COINS IN ORDER TO TRADE. Currently supporting P2P trades of QORT with LTC & DOGE. Raven Coin & Digibyte coming soon…

Phase 3 - Data Storage + Web/dApp Hosting

In Development

Phase 3 of QORTAL is currently in development! We have a testnet running initial data nodes and hope to launch the first sprint of Phase 3 in the next few months. The end-goal is to create the base-layer for the new decentralized Web 3.0.

Qortal Network will start having the ability to store private user data first followed by application and blog data and finally a full-spectrum data storage layer for anything imaginable.

While every fine detail of this system isn’t complete, work is moving fast. Once full conceptualization has completed and everything has been worked out, details will begin to emerge on this website, the Qortal Wiki, and other Qortal related information locations.