Decentralized Trades, cross-chain transfers, QORA technology enhanced

qortal is built to be a decentralized trade portal. TRULY decentralized trade portal built with CIYAM AutomatedTransactions and QORA generation 2 codebase.

This page is merely a default informational page where info regarding the platform will be posted. The launch date is not set yet, but we are prepping for it now.

New custom codebase

We have completely re-written the backend codebase of QORA to include a completely new database and networking layer, new functionality, and enhanced scalability.

P2P technolgy enhanced

Every platform claims P2P technology, but do they deliver? With qortal, you are doing EVERYTHING in a truly decentralized person-to-person fashion.

Be at the cutting edge

The technology in qortal is completely custom. The platform is written from scratch in Java to be cross-platform natively, and the QORA code has been enhanced in multiple ways to include completely new features.

Project Launch information:

Details regarding the new launch will be posted shortly. What we are aware of now is the following:


  • QORA users will be able to obtain either a 'minting account' or coin on qortal chain via providing proof of their previously minted blocks or coins.
  • Only users that can prove access to the existing chain private keys will be accepted.
  • Users who staked blocks on QORA, will be provided with minting accounts.
  • Users who held QORA coins will be provided with coins via a 'fund' that will be created from founder accounts on qortal chain.
  • There will be no swap, and users obtaining coins will do so at a given ratio.
  • Detail regarding the coin structure of qortal is still being decided, but the total coin count will be much lower.
  • Qortal chain will start from block 0 with 0 coins.
  • No pre-mine or dev fund will be required.
  • Only minting accounts and users with QORA balances that are then part of the fund will obtain coins.
  • Poloniex and OpenLedger will not be allowed to get coins. Poloniex polocies locked coins, and OpenLedger was lacking in security enough to actually lose 1 billion coins.

Project Details and Updates

We are getting close to release of the platform. Stay in touch with the team in the QORA discord (link at the top of the page.) There will be more information posted here shortly. The time has come to be rid of the centralized exchanges, and never put your coin out of your own control again!


The initial release of the platform, will not include the 'portal' portion of the wallet. This is still in development and since the first API node was only recently launched, the UI devs have only had a small window of time to actually adjust the calls in the wallet UI to utilize the new API. There will be further updates posted shortly regarding the steps forward.


The first API node of the QORA gen 2 codebase that qortal is built from, has been initialized for development purposes. To finish the UI, and wallet. If interested, you can see the API documentation here -


NEW - see the detail document being formed now below!