QORTAL requires both Core and UI installation for best experience. Please choose your OS below for guide and downloads.

Windows Guide

Link to Windows install Guide on Qortal wiki

Windows Qortal Core

Direct Download

Windows Qortal UI

Direct Download

Mac Guide

Link to Mac install guide on Qortal wiki

Mac Qortal Core

Direct Download

Mac Qortal UI

Direct Download

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) Guide

Link to Debian based install guide on Qortal wiki

Linux Qortal Core

Direct Download

Linux (.deb) Qortal UI

Direct Download

Raspberry Pi Guide

Link to Raspberry Pi Install guide on Wiki

Raspberry Pi Qortal Core

Direct Download

Raspberry Pi Qortal UI (armhf 32bit)

VPS Guide

How To Run A VPS Node

Latest qortal.jar

Qortal Core Releases Page

All Platforms

Qortal UI Releases Page

All Platforms