QORTAL requires both Core and UI installation for the best experience. You can choose your OS below for guide and downloads. Please be sure to review the Account Setup & Recovery page on under the How-To Guides section (we cannot assist you in recovering your account - you are in 100% control of it)!

Windows Guide

Link to Windows install Guide on Qortal wiki

Windows Qortal Core

Qortal Core Windows Installer

Windows Qortal UI

Qortal UI Windows installer

Mac Guide

Link to Mac install guide on Qortal wiki

Mac Qortal Core

Qortal Core .zip

Mac Qortal UI

Mac UI .dmg installer

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) Guide

Link to Debian based install guide on Qortal wiki

Linux Qortal Core

Qortal Core .zip

Linux Qortal UI (.AppImage amd64)(RECOMMENDED)

Qortal UI Linux .AppImage (make executable, run) - This version offers pop-up auto-updates which can also be declined (just like Windows and Mac versions)

Linux Qortal UI (.deb installer amd64)

Linux Qortal UI .deb installer - Updates only with apt update, no pop-up auto-updates. (Only recommended for experienced Linux users.)

Raspberry Pi Guide

Link to Raspberry Pi Install guide on Wiki

Raspberry Pi Qortal Core

Qortal Core .zip

Raspberry Pi Qortal UI (arm64 64bit .AppImage)

Qortal UI Pi 32bit .AppImage (make executable, run)

VPS Guide

How To Run A VPS Node

Latest qortal.jar

download the latest version of qortal.jar

Qortal Core Releases Page

All Platforms Core GitHub Releases

Qortal UI Releases Page

All Platforms Core UI Releases