Learn more about QORTAL from its founders, developers and community members!
Qortal: Revolutionizing the Internet

In this thought-provoking interview with Jason Crowe, founding member and lead developer, Jason describes true internet decentralization through the revolutionary blockchain technology known as Qortal.

Crypto For the People By the People - Jason Crowe and Mike Winner @ Music and Sky

Catch Jason Crowe and Mike Winner’s talk on QORTAL at this year’s Music & Sky festival!

Can they Succeed in Criminalizing Alternative Information?

Great interview of QORTAL co-founder Jason Crowe by founder Sayer Ji on QORTAL being THE solution for centralized internet censorship.

Crypto 3.0 For Dummies w/ QORTAL & John McAfee

John McAfee joins QORTAL co-founders Jason Crowe & Mike Winner along with Alfa Vedic to discuss the future of decentralized technology.

The Dangers of the Centralized Internet and An Alternative You've Never Heard About

Here’s a great breakdown of the philosophy and plans for QORTAL moving into the future.  True decentralization and community development.

Crypto 3.0, The Decentralization Revolution Is Finally Here

Catch Jason Crowe from QORTAL along with Lootz from Pirate Chain as they discuss Crypto 3.0 at The ReUnion Summit, 2021.

The Greater Reset Activation: Day 4- Liberating Technology

Fast forward to the 2 hour mark to catch Jason and Mike on the Greater Reset stream w/ John Bush.

Shadow Citizen Interview

Jason Crowe and Mike Winner talk true decentralization and the overall vision of QORTAL!