Learn more about QORTAL from its founders, developers and community members! Please note: not all of the videos are hosted here. The entire collection can be found on under the Media Related section on the page titled ‘Interviews/Podcasts’
Qortal Think Tank on Q-Tube

Ernest Hancock Interview's Jason Crowe - Freedom's Phoenix

We hope you enjoy this hard-nosed breakdown of QORTAL as Jason Crowe is interviewed by crypto veteran and broadcasting legend, Ernie Hancock. Ernie asks all the right questions and Jason answers superbly. Funny and provocative, this is a great deep dive into what makes QORTAL so unique and why it is primed to succeed where so many other projects have failed…

True Decentralization w/ QORTAL at The Greater Reset

Here is the stage talk Jason Crowe and Mike Winner gave at the recent Greater Reset conference in Austin, TX. Jason and Mike explain how QORTAL is revolutionizing our relationship to technology from the ground up with first principles of the original cypher punk movement.

True decentralization requires control from the hardware on up with no accommodations towards the legacy internet 2.0. This is what QORTAL aims to achieve while providing an economic model based on collaboration, cooperation and abundance for all.

Qortal: Revolutionizing the Internet

In this thought-provoking interview with Jason Crowe, founding member and lead developer, Jason describes true internet decentralization through the revolutionary blockchain technology known as Qortal.

Crypto For the People By the People - Jason Crowe and Mike Winner @ Music and Sky

Catch Jason Crowe and Mike Winner’s talk on QORTAL at this year’s Music & Sky festival!

Can they Succeed in Criminalizing Alternative Information?

Great interview of QORTAL co-founder Jason Crowe by founder Sayer Ji on QORTAL being THE solution for centralized internet censorship.

Crypto 3.0 For Dummies w/ QORTAL & John McAfee

John McAfee joins QORTAL co-founders Jason Crowe & Mike Winner along with Alfa Vedic to discuss the future of decentralized technology.

The Dangers of the Centralized Internet and An Alternative You've Never Heard About

Here’s a great breakdown of the philosophy and plans for QORTAL moving into the future.  True decentralization and community development.

Crypto 3.0, The Decentralization Revolution Is Finally Here

Catch Jason Crowe from QORTAL along with Lootz from Pirate Chain as they discuss Crypto 3.0 at The ReUnion Summit, 2021.

The Greater Reset Activation: Day 4- Liberating Technology

Fast forward to the 2 hour mark to catch Jason and Mike on the Greater Reset stream w/ John Bush.

Shadow Citizen Interview

Jason Crowe and Mike Winner talk true decentralization and the overall vision of QORTAL!