Qortal Newsletter Update: June 2023

Greetings Qortians! May has passed and as always, more development has been in the works! The community has been growing since Jason Crowe’s interview with Mike Adams on Brighteon (aka The Health Ranger) and we are so excited to have you newcomers join us! 

A community member named Malina has taken the initiative of getting QORT listed on a couple of centralized exchanges (CEXs) for those interested, please remember the golden rule: not your keys, not your crypto. So it is best to always move your assets out of CEXs after using them, and onto secure local wallets like on Qortal!

Crowetic has produced a variety of video tutorials on how to make use of Qortal, along with weekly update videos every Monday for the community to review and prepare for weekly Think Tanks which are every Tuesday (typically at 10am PST). He’s also planning to make Q-App tutorials as part of his bucket list – stay tuned! 

We also have a new dedicated Q-Apps server on Discord!


Project Update

QORT Listing on Exchanges

QORT was an untracked listing on Coin Market Cap for quite some time until recently becoming a tracked listing – meaning they now have price information on the listing. This is due to QORT being recently listed on https://vindax.com/ (which is not available to users in the USA and Canada). QORT is also now trading on XeggeX (CEX) with BTC and USDT pairs. https://xeggex.com/market/QORT_USDT. Due to QORT’s listing on XeggeX, QORT is also now a tracked listing on https://coinpaprika.com/coin/qort-qortal/.

We have one more to announce: QORT is now on https://crypto.com/price/qortal. As we see, there will be listings of QORT on exchanges that have their own way of generating ‘price’ so please be sure to understand how pricing actually works for QORT and how you can use the API to generate your own parameters: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=the_qort_coin#how_the_price_of_qort_works

Any listings of QORT on these exchanges does not mean Qortal has any official type of relationship with them, in fact, we always advise against CEXs but members of the community are able to seek out listings on third party exchanges if they’d like. Please be cautious with seeking out listings – as we’ve already seen one before called BTC MAX which worked for a while, then appeared to be a scam which stole QORT and shut down the exchange. There’s also a lot of regulation brewing and we will likely see a lot of exchanges be shut down in the near future, so please keep these things in mind. Most importantly is the golden rule in crypto: not your keys, not your crypto! So it is best to always move your assets out of CEXs after using them, and onto secure local wallets like on Qortal!


Check out our recently launched Q-Mail on the main net! For now, this is a partial solution for encrypted messaging, for Qortal accounts with registered names ONLY. 25MB capacity on each message for now. Private data transferring in a different way. 


Calling all JavaScript devs! Qortal blockchain awaits you! Build decentralized apps without the hassle of learning backend languages with easy-to-use APIs, simple and clear documentation, and no hosting fees or gatekeeping. Our vibrant community and powerful APIs make your Web3 building a breeze. Visit www.qortal.dev and embark on your Web3 adventure today!

Interested devs can also join our new Discord server here: https://discord.gg/d7Zg4B2KYw

 Q-Apps Course 

Check out this video course and learn how to create Q-Apps. It does require an intermediate level of understanding of React (JavaScript) since Phillip does not go line by line explaining things. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-mMjj6eP0gg4S1eWCbi6zyIPrISwZk7m

Qortal How-To Video Series 

Crowetic has put together these videos that go through everything from installation to setup of the Qortal UI, Trade Portal, Auto Buy, and more.

The first 9 videos will show you:

  1. How to set up Qortal (Linux Machine Demo)
  2. Qortal UI installation Differences between different Operating Systems (OSs)
  3. Configuring Qortal UI App Image ‘launchers’ on Ubuntu 22 with Cinnamon
  4. Creating your first Qortal account (and Qortal Accounts overview) 
  5. Understanding Qortal and REAL decentralization
  6. How to use Qortal’s local wallets and the Trade Portal
  7. Understanding and using the Auto Buy feature in Qortal UI to buy QORT
  8. Understanding Qortal Minting and How to Become a Qortal Minter
  9. Understanding Qortal Names and Name Registration


Or directly through Qortal: //APP/Q-Blog/crowetic/blog/Qortal-How-To-Video-Series-IqF6OI

Social Media

Jason Crowe reveals revolutionary Qortal tech for distributed, censorship-PROOF content, websites…

To learn more, visit: https://qortal.org/ For more updates, visit: http://www.brighteon.com/channel/hrreport…www.brighteon.com

HRR Brighteon News

Crowetic visits the Health Ranger Report Mike Adams Show to inform the audience about Qortal’s features and culture. Both individuals are well-versed in the cybersphere arena and current world events, and both individuals are prompted to guess the future possibilities for humanity as a whole. There are a ton of insightful nuggets in this discussion!

DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING! Why I am embracing decentralized content and finance (DeFi)

DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING! Why I am embracing decentralized content and finance (DeFi) For more updates, visit…rumble.com

HRR Brighteon News

Mike Adams rings the bell on dangers with your money and other aspects of freedom while explaining how Qortal is emerging as a brave and formidable alternative. Qortal provides solutions for those in need of defense against the escalating financial restrictions imposed by a system teeming with tyrannical entities and the growing internet censorship of free speech. Watch this one right away!

A Visual Journey Through Qortal Network’s Evolution

Check out the link below for an article written by Dodgers who talks about Qortal’s journey with a specific emphasis on Q-Apps’ inception!


Monday Update Videos (MUV)

Crowetic has started the MUV series where he will be talking about the latest news and gives the community a chance to prepare their questions or talking points for the Tuesday Think Tanks if they’d like to join. 

Find the MUV series here: https://qortal.link/APP/Q-Blog/crowetic/blog/MUV-May-15-2023-ILkYpU

You can also access via Q-Blog in the UI, under Crowetic’s blog.

Qortal Think Tanks

Get into the brainstorming talks among Crowetic, other co-founders, developers, and the community! These are casual chats open to the public. You can find recordings of these weekly meetings on the wiki: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=information_videos

Or in Q-Blogs: https://qortal.link/APP/q-blog/Qortal-Think-Tank/Publishing

Wiki Site Updates

On May 22nd an update was delivered: Remove notes to set topOnly & bindAddress as they are no longer used. Also updated any settings recommendations to account for the current defaults. 


Core Node Upgrade

Please make sure you’re on Core version 4.1.2 as any nodes that are on 4.0.3 or below, will be STUCK as of the AT lottery payout block. (This is due to the fact that they did NOT have the AT reshape code that was a REQUIREMENT in order for lottery ATs to function correctly.)

**If your node is on an older version, you will HAVE to update or you will not get synchronized**

SUGGESTION for ALL NODES (even updated ones): It is suggested to set the following setting in your settings.json:

”minPeerVersion”: “4.1.2”

Remember, settings.json is a json file, which follows json syntax — this means that you need a comma after every setting/line, EXCEPT the last one. Windows nodes will edit the **settings.json** in the **%localappdta%\Qortal** — all other nodes will edit the only settings.json in their ‘qortal’ folder. If you’re unsure of how to do so, just ask in one of our tech support channels and someone will be able to assist you.

Future Upgrade Plans

Qortal Mobile App

Nothing official yet but development is in the works for a Qortal mobile app. The next is a message from developer Ido: 

“It’s kind of hard to give a timeframe for when the mobile app that I’m envisioning will be ‘finished’, it depends on many factors, a lot of which cannot be determined ahead of time. Life and the software Gods throw us curve balls sometimes. I will be releasing an Android notifier app, which in its first iteration will give minting reports for a specified account in a specified time interval, the second iteration will include account payment tracking (notifications). Either for DevFund only (to showcase the possibilities) or an account specified by the user after they prove ownership (to alleviate privacy concerns). There are ways to do this without requiring the private key in my app, but that will take some thinking and testing. I can’t give any assurances for further functionalities, but it’s theoretically possible to turn this into an integral Qortal mobile application. Starting with chat, wallet, and names features, maybe add trading (only if connected to a local node), sponsor dashboard QDN integration, and multi-wallet overview, the possibilities are endless. All of these things combined with local mobile notifications would make this a very powerful and convenient tool. But I’m getting ahead of myself again, what I can assure you of is that there WILL be a notifier app, with the first iteration to be released quite soon.”


Qortal Community Initiatives

We seek to build solutions! Check out our Community Initiatives here: https://qortal.link/community-initiatives/index.html

Qortal AT Lottery

Be on the lookout for the next decentralized automated lottery within the Qortal UI! Your chances of winning are completely random! Nobody handles any aspect of this manually (it’s all managed by what is called an ‘Automated Transaction’ and often referred to as ‘AT’). In order to buy a lottery ticket, you simply send a set amount of QORT to a specific address (the AT’s address), and you can only buy one ticket per Qortal Account. The system will then select a winning ‘ticket’ at a predetermined block arrival. This is one of many alternate use cases for the AT system of Qortal and makes for a great demo! The AT address will be different for each lottery issued. In the future, the ability to create these lottery ATs and many other types of ATs will be built into the Qortal UI.

Ticket price of previous lotteries: 10 QORT (ticket price is programmable upon AT launch)

Read more about the Lottery System here: https://wiki.qortal.org/doku.php?id=lottery_system

Crowetic Hardware Development (CHD) 

Custom laptops and QORTector devices utilizing the Raspberry Pi are available at CHD for those interested in a pre-built device! CHD is now also offering a service for you to ship your existing computer and have it upgraded if you’d like! With this service, your computer will be formatted with Linux while also enhanced for security and privacy. You can read more about this new service at: https://crowetic.com/index.php/chd-upgrade/

Final Words

Qortal is intended to be a sovereign platform where new systems can be built securely by utilizing truly decentralized blockchain technology. You do not have to be a computer wizard to take part in this revolutionary project – even by simply running a node, you are helping the network become stronger and more decentralized! As you begin to find answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to help other newcomers with their questions, as we need to grow our support team on all levels if we seek sustainable adoption. The point being, even the smallest things go a long way and together we are the chain! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to speak up – whether in our chat forums or weekly Think Tanks! By the way, this June 29th marks our 3 Year Anniversary since Genesis!

Motivational Quote

Community is about finding people that share the same vision as you.” — Anonymous

Join Us!

Discord: https://discord.gg/UqhQCYjVw2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qortal_official

Telegram (general chat): https://t.me/qortal_official

Telegram (tech support): https://t.me/qortalchat http://qortal.org/