Qortal Reaches Next Era – Jan 9th 2024 – Core Version 4.4.1 – UI Version 4.4.4

Qortal Blockchain Project – https://qortal.org
Qortal Reaches Next Era

January 9th 2024 – Qortal Core version 4.4.1 – Qortal UI Version 4.4.4

Qortal Blockchain Project – Ready for Large Adoption

2024 – The Year of Qortal

The time has finally come for the Qortal project to get the recognition it deserves, as the world’s ONLY truly decentralized parallel ecosystem. Not only does the project have more decentralized functionality than any other in history, it now has the required ease-of-use features it needs to reach a much wider audience.

From installation to being notified if your node is behind, and a ‘Refresh’ button to resolve that issue within 5 minutes, there are no longer any excuses for not leveraging the power of the world’s only truly decentralized, truly parallel economic system and parallel digital infrastructure.

Why Use Qortal? 

This question is self-explanatory to some, and more difficult to others. The need for a truly parallel system is obvious to those who have been banned, shadow banned, or otherwise removed from social media and video publishing platforms, but maybe not quite as obvious to others. So, let’s explore the reasons…

    • Content Unable to be Censored, not censorship resistant, censorship PROOF.
    • Host an App, or a website, for free, indefinitely.
    • No hosting fees, no domain fees, no DNS at all.
    • Leverage existing Q-Apps to build your own rebranded version, or simply gain access to the global Qortal community. Create Q-Shops, sell items and services directly P2P without fees, create a Q-Fund to fund your next project in an automated decentralized fashion,  built on unstoppable infrastructure,  publish videos on Q-Tube or blog posts on Q-Blog, share files on Q-Share, and much more. Discover other community-built Q-Apps and Websites and introduce yourself to the digital future.
    • Obtain redundant backup copies of your data from viewers of your content, or followers.
    • Completely remove reliance upon third parties, no third party fees for anything.
    • Directly P2P interactions in every aspect. Don’t need middlemen of any kind. How decentralization was supposed to be.
    • No KYC or any sort of ‘enforced reporting’ to or from anyone. Beauty of real decentralization.
    • Obtain QORT rewards by simply running your full node (computer with Qortal installed).
    • Content creators truly own their content, and can sell their entire digital presence if they choose. New owner picks up where the old left off without any further configuration.
    • Trade directly cross-blockchain from layer 1 to layer 1, local wallets controlled only by you. Multiple supported cryptocurrencies. No wrapping, no tokens, no bridges.
    • Fully individual control in every regard.
    • Provide your goods and services to a global network of users. 
    • CrowdFund your Projects without any intermediary taking fees.
    • Create a digital presence on the internet of the future, that will last forever. 
    • Build your community on a platform that cannot be hacked or taken down.
    • Achieve all of this and more with the use of a single low-powered computer running on a solar panel, or any typical computer running in any typical fashion, fully open for you to decide.

The above are only a small set of reasons to use Qortal. Qortal is the future of all things digital. If you care about freedom, privacy, and security in the digital world, Qortal is the only true parallel solution, capable of providing solutions to everything you use your computer for on a regular basis.

Empower Yourself

Either create and publish your own universe, or leverage the existing features. Earn and Empower yourself, or accomplish tasks for Qortal Development Group and obtain QORT rewards for your efforts.

Anyone who can provide such assistance, if it pans out, will be rewarded with QORT, the native coin of the new digital world.

Any other type of assistance is also rewarded with QORT:

  • Development
  • Promotion
  • Artistic talents
  • etc.

Earn by yourself, or with collaboration with the other community members and the Qortal Development Group, the choice is yours.

Earn your way into the Qortal Development group and be one of the ‘final signatures’ required for updates to take place. Do you have an interest in building a better future? Have any sort of development talent? This is your community. 

Check Out Some Recent Qortal Media 

Below are some links to recent media made available on Q-Tube, from the Qortal Community and Qortal Development Group. Come see why now is the time for the Qortal project to obtain the recognition and growth it deserves. (All video links below are published on Q-Tube, hosted fully on Qortal’s decentralized network, these links are accessible through a ‘gateway node’ from the internet.)

Qortal Promo video – Community member created promotional overview – on Q-Tube

Q-Tube ‘Qortal Nuggets’ videos – Short videos with information about Qortal – on Q-Tube

Q-Tube Qortal Think Tank chats – longer community discussions about recent Qortal topics – on Q-Tube

Qortal information by crowetic – How-To videos and information by crowetic – hosted on Qortal

https://qortal.dev – Q-App development focused website – learn to develop on Qortal with typical web development languages easily. also Qortal Programmer Video Tutorials.

Tired of so many data, privacy and security issues on the current internet? Tired of censorship and overreaching regulations affecting your daily life? Being targeted by DDOS attacks or other internet security concerns? Wishing there was a better option for the digital world that removes the potential for these issues completely? Qortal has been being developed for the last 10+ years specifically to resolve the issues that exist in the centralized world. The time has come to evolve past the issues that have plagued the centralized digital world for far too long. Even if you’re merely curious at this point, it only costs you 5 minutes to install the Qortal software, create your account, and become part of the digital future.

Promotional Offer – Install Qortal, reach out, get QORT

An additional promotional offer to any new user. Install Qortal, create an account, and reach out to crowetic – contact information on https://crowetic.com – and crowetic will get you enough QORT to register your first Registered Name and get established in the new digital world. Download Qortal UI from https://qortal.org/downloads