Qortal 3.0 Update

Hey Qortians! We apologize for falling behind on updates here. This blog is meant to briefly recap what’s happened since the 2.0 blog…

At the time of writing this blog, the current version of the core is 3.2.3, and the UI version is 1.8.2! Core version 3.0 was Phase 3 of our roadmap where we launched the framework for our Web/Data Hosting concept on January 14th 2022. We consider the data hosting concept to be in a ‘beta’ phase currently since everything we’re building is completely custom and requires stepping stones to reach the end-game goal. Data per node is limited to 350mb at the present time, soon we expect that to increase to 4gb, then ‘limit-less’. You can learn more about the data hosting concept as well as updates on the wiki under the ‘Data Hosting’ section.

This leads to the next topic: the Qortal Wiki. The wiki is meant to be a repository of official information related to the Qortal Project. The homepage has a video to introduce you to the layout of the wiki and alleviate the overwhelming first impression. When in doubt, did you check the wiki out? The wiki has a search bar where you can type in keywords and find related content. With that said, we feel the wiki is the best starting point for your questions, and your feedback is highly appreciated. G Factor has taken a lead role with managing the wiki, so please let him know if you have any comments/questions/suggestions for the site. We have plans to build the wiki out better over time. As stands, the wiki currently houses overview information, help guides, and details about third-party services to name a few things. If you’re seeking sponsorship, there’s even a ‘Sponsorship Questionnaire’ you can gather the answers to and submit to your sponsor. Please note: becoming a minter is not a requirement for using all of the other features Qortal has/will offer! Minting is totally optional.

So where should you seek sponsorship? We plan on having a sponsorship board within the Qortal UI one day, but until then, there are a few ways you could reach out: 

  1. Join the ‘Sponsorship Requests’ group in Q-Chat and introduce yourself (remember that messages are removed after 24 hours so please repost and we will get to you)
  2. Join our Telegram (@qortal_official) and introduce yourself 
  3. Join our Discord (refer to the ‘Official Links’ wiki page) and introduce yourself in the #sponsorship-requests channel
  4. Go to join.qortal.org and submit your inquiry there

We apologize for having so many options rather than a single one… all in due time!

So what else do we have for Qortal?

  • Update notification in the UI (when there is a new version of the UI for you to install, you will see a pop-up message to update when you start the UI and it will check for updates every 15 minutes)
  • Dark mode in the UI
  • ‘Minting Details’ in the UI
  • ‘Send Coin’ feature in the UI merged into the ‘Wallets’
  • Ability to block accounts in the UI
  • Puzzles in the UI that reward QORT if solved
  • Improved Trade Portal functionality 

What can we expect in the near future?

  • MemPoW implementation to limit the amount of accounts per node and combat bad actors 
  • Lite nodes and mobile app solution
  • More language versions in UI
  • Price charts and history in the UI
  • Better Q-Chat features such as replying to messages like Discord and Telegram offer (this combined with a mobile app solution can lead us towards getting off of Discord and Telegram, hopefully one day COMPLETELY!)
  • Local storage of Q-Chat messages that save messages longer than 24 hours
  • Pinning of messages in Q-Chat
  • Q-Chat Groups encryption (currently only private P2P messages are encrypted)
  • More API calls added to the UI for ease of use such as blocking accounts 
  • Q-Apps: the next layer of Data Hosting where projects can build securely 
  • YouTube replacement plugin
  • GitHub replacement plugin
  • Website builder plugin
  • More coins added to the Wallets and Trade Portal
  • Voting System – refer to the wiki for more info on how this system will work
  • Crowetic Hardware Development (CHD): new hardware models like the QORTector KB, new boards built specifically for Qortal, customers can choose between colors options, a merchandise store, etc. (https://crowetic.com/)