Qortal updates – core version 1.3.9 and UI version 1.3.2

Update to Qortal has been pushed.

Core Version 1.3.9

The Qortal Core will auto-update if you are sync’d and do not have auto-updates disabled in your settings.json.

  • Qortal core version 1.3.9 is a preparation and small bugfix release meant to prepare the network for the next version that will have LTC and PRESENCE support in the LTC Trade Portal.
  • Every node should automatically update unless they have auto-updates disabled.

UI Version 1.3.2

The Qortal UI will auto-update for Windows users.

  • The Qortal UI in this release has the BTC Trade Portal Disabled, and a ‘cancel all’ feature for users to cancel all existing BTC trading ATs on the chain.
  • Please CANCEL ALL orders on the BTC Trade Portal in preparation for the switch in the next version to LTC in the Trade Portal. Thank you!


Mac and Linux users will need to download the UI update installer and run it. Download links below.


Linux (debian/ubuntu) – https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/download/v1.3.2/qortal-ui_1.3.2_amd64.deb

Mac – https://github.com/Qortal/qortal-ui/releases/download/v1.3.2/Qortal-UI-1.3.2.dmg


Please Update and remove all orders from the existing Trade Portal to prepare for the switch to LTC in the next release (very soon!)

Thank you!