Qortal – Version 1.4.0 UI/Core – bring cross-chain LTC trading to Qortal!

Hello Qortians!

Today is a MOMENTUS DAY for Qortal!

Today we have LTC in the Trade Portal and a BRAND NEW completely unregulated and completely decentralized market with LTC!

on top of that, as you can see below – THREE local wallets are now supported in the Qortal UI… BTC, LTC, and QORT!

We have removed BTC from the Trade Portal and replaced it with LTC at the moment, we will re-enable the BTC market in a future update.

This is a MASSIVE update for Qortal, and will finally bring us a truly liquid, cross-chain market with LTC!

Along with the Trade Portal update, is PRESENCE transactions – These transactions allow only online sells to be listed on the Trade Portal – preventing 90%+ of the needs for a refund to take place, if the seller places an order then shuts their node down. PRESENCE transactions take place every 30 minutes, from every sell on the Trade Portal. Any seller that has NOT responded to the last round of PRESENCE transactions, will not show up on the Trade Portal sell list.

This means that any trade live on the portal, should be able to complete, and not need a refund… but even if a refund IS necessary, the LTC chain should refund within 1 hour (as opposed to 7 days on BTC market prior.)

Here’s to the future of Qortal!


go to https://qortal.org – download the 1.4.0 core and UI, and check out the new additions!