Obtain a QORTector Device... Enjoy Free Internet...eventually.

Due to an unexpected cancellation of Gen 1 H5 ARM CPU, the QORTector Devices originally on this page, will not be the end result devices that will be shipped to users in other countries.


Users who purchased the Gen 1 Qortector Device, will receive one of the following: (a Gen 1 QORTector Device) OR (a Gen 2 QORTector Device) OR (the combination of a partial refund and 'parts kit' including a 'do-it-yourself QORTector Pack'.)

Build your own Gen 2 device with a Raspberry Pi 4 - obtain details in Discord (link at top of the page.)


QORTector network security and node device – (first 100 – early adopter price)

$250.00 $180.00



**This sale price is for the first 25 orders, as the order count increases, the price also increases to a maximum of $250.00 First 25 – $180 Next 25 – $225 Final price – $250

The Generation 1 QORTector Network Security and Node device. Including all of the features listed on the product information page.

You receive: 1 device with 128GB internal storage for backups/owncloud use 1 custom case with mesh and LED lighting pre-installed 1 custom software image including completely custom Kernel and pre-installed set of features listed on product info page Open Source Hardware and Software, and updated images provided by the Qortal team Added features as they are released available for download in custom pre-setup image **new**All updates done via the OS’s ‘apt’ package manager, all core updates to the Qortal Kernel will be provided automatically via apt.


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QORTector Devices Will...

Come in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes. however, the largest size is about the size of the palm of the hand of the nearest person to your left. 😉


People say QORTectors may well change the world...

Through the use of a palm-sized device, and less than 8W of total power output, one can become part of the new world. I for one, find that to be 'pretty neat'.