How-Tos and Downloads

Windows Qortal Core

Windows Qortal UI

Linux+Universal Qortal Core

Linux .deb Qortal UI (debian+ubuntu)

Mac Qortal Core Installer

Download the zip, extract, and run the script to start The Qortal Core.

Mac Qortal UI Installer

Run the package and install the Qortal UI.

Getting Started with Qortal is Simple...

The screenshots below will guide you through the initial setup of your New Qortal Account. (Account for the New World.)

Simply follow the guides as you come across them, and you shall easily find the answers you seek.


Asking for help is not a quality that is overlooked, instead, rather, it is a dream you awaken from at the same time as the best things in your life happen. It's kinda like what's inside The Qortal Network. (Come on, if this sentence alone doesn't entice you to at least take a LOOK at what we've built... Then I'm not too sure what will.)

One must always help others that are out to help themselves.

Theft is impossible in The Qortal Network, only lack of Trust and misgivings can cause loss. (Simply put - never tell your innermost secrets and share your personal devices with another, unless they are your other.

Screen Shots and Explanations

Qortal Login Screen

This is the main login screen of Qortal. Here you can create a new account, or login with any number of login methods available. The login methods are shown on the next screen shot.

Login Screen

Qortal Login Methods

Here you will see the various available login methods for The Qortal Network. If you choose to Save your account to Browser, it will be saved either in the cache of the browser you're using, or the application you're using to access the UI.

Login Options

Qortal Wallet Page

The Wallet Page is where you see your balance in QORT coins, and your wallet address. (If you have a registered name to your address, you can use that name instead of the address for any Qortal Transaction.

Wallet Page

Send Money

The Send Money plugin is how you Send Money (QORT coins) in Qortal. Use this page to send money to any of your Qortal User Friends.


Reward Share (create reward shares and Minting Keys)

The Reward Share plugin allows you to create a new Reward Share on The Qortal Network.

0% share with your OWN public key - This is the creation of 'a Minting Key' A Minting Key is what you use in The Qortal Network to be a 'Minter'.

In order to be a Minter on The Qortal Network, you must first obtain a Sponsorship from a level 5+ minter, or a Founder on the Network.

Sponsorship - A Sponsorship is a 0% Reward Share with any OTHER public key other than your own. Sponsorships take 5 days in blocks (7200 blocks) of the Sponsee running the Sponsorship Key, before they can then REMOVE the Sponsorship Key, and assign their own newly created Minting Key.

Reward Share


The Qortal Messaging plugin is where you will go when you wish to use the messaging applications of The Qortal Network. Messaging includes:


Chain Based Messaging - Chain Based Messaging can be considered the 'E-Mail of Qortal', these messages are long-lasting, staying on The Qortal Chain forever. They require 1 confirm in order to be seen by the receiving party. Attachments coming soon.


Q-Chat - Q-Chat is the 'real-time blockchain-based messaging system of The Qortal Network, with Q-Chat you can communicate with your Qortal User Friends, and other Qortians! The messages are sent utilizing a specialized tx type in Qortal, that DISAPPEARS AFTER 24 HOURS. Q-Chat messages are meant to be temporary, used to send 'hi' messages and random chat to the Qortal General Chat.


More information coming soon... Stay tuned for updates.