Introducing - Qortal Hardware - Network Security Devices (First Device Type) - The 'QORTector' Gen 1

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Your Qortal node/gateway

QORTector is built specifically to be a full node and/or Minting Node on the Qortal network. Giving you default access to every service that Qortal offers, as well as ability to become a Minter on the Qortal network.

Have you ever had a router that pays for your internet connection? Well, now you can!

All of the features of the device, running on only 5w of power! You no longer have to run a high-powered computer in order to maintain a full node on the network, and earn rewards. Unlike the power-hungry algorithms of PoW coins, Qortal utilizes a completely new system called 'minting' that provides users rewards based on their contribution in support of the network, simply being an online legitimate full node. Enabling Qortal Minting to be possible on lower-powered computers, such as QORTector.

Multiple non-blockchain services on top of all Qortal services

Not only does QORTector give you a default gateway to the completely decentralized services of the QORT network, while simultaneously providing anonymous, private connectivity via a 5W device... it also gives you a large amount of non-blockchain related services, within the device itself.


See the initial list of pre-setup an functional services below:

Network Security

QORTector gives you security beyond that of any traditional router. Securing  you from threats of all kinds on the traditional internet. Simply connect to the 'qortal' wifi network, and you are completely secure.

Use QORTector to secure your devices by becoming your router, or simply by being a node on your existing network, with a huge selection of features.

'Mumble' Server for encrypted communications

QORTector is focused on privacy,  and security on the existing internet, and being a gateway to the net internet of Qortal.

Part of the existing security, is to provide fully encrypted voice and text communications, with PTT (push-to-talk) functionality, utilizing the Mumble project.

Use 'plumble' app on your phones to securely connect to the server, and communicate worldwide, fully encrypted.

'Tor Network' Gateway (free secure p2p VPN by default)

Tired of paying for a VPN to access services and maintain your right to privacy when accessing the internet? QORTector gives you a default 'Tor' gateway, allowing you to connect directly to the Tor Network with either the device's wifi network, or the 'WAN' network of the device, your existing LAN network. Whether you are connected to QORTector's Wi-Fi network or not, you can still maintain connectivity securely and privately pre-installed gateway to the Tor Network.

Backups For Your Devices

a backup service by default, to backup any of your network connected devices, from your computer to your phone to your device itself and its data. Everything can be automatically backed up with qrotector.

Web Server

A default web server allows you to host your own web services, blogs, etc. without the need for an extra computer or server. (Some knowledge and network configuration is necessary.)

'OwnCloud' server

Tired of the 'big boys' like Google and Dropbox making you literally sign over ownership of your data before you can back it up and use it with them?

Fear not, QORTector gives you a private version of the big cloud services, with your own copy of OwnCloud!

The expandability of OwnCloud is amazing, usable for not only file sync and storage automatically from multiple devices, but automatic phone picture uploads, phone tracking to keep track of your children, a fully featured video and music player addon, and a huge list of other available plugins, easily installed with a single click.

A default OwnCloud installation comes pre-installed on your QORTector device's custom firmware.

BTC wallet + Full Node

The only way to have FULL control over your BTC, is to have a full node. QORTector (with expanded storage add-on, or any expanded storage user added for blockchain space) gives you this.

Infinite Possibility

Due to QORTector's fully open source nature, the possibilities are endless as far as future services that can be built into the device's image. Literally ANY open source platform, can potentially be ported onto the base image of QORTector.

Both future updates of the device image for Gen 1, and the newer Gen releases, will be fully upgradable in multiple ways.

Hardware based 'addons' for expanded hardware function, wifi speed and distance, and added features like 'Mesh Networking' or mobility enhancements, added LAN ports, etc.

Added Software for new exciting features.

Published image updates with completely custom Kernel, focused on Java and node.js acceleration for Qortal run speed.

Combine that with being a gateway to the 'new internet' on Qortal Network, and you have a single device that can literally provide you with anything you could ever want from a network connected device. All fitting in the palm of your hand!

Future versions of the device, will include:

A full Desktop OS - use this device to literally replace your desktop, or to be your completely secure machine for any purpose

Enterprise Networking - A future version will include multiple LAN ports, expanded external Wi-Fi antennas, more CPU/RAM power, and enhanced UI specific to Enterprise level network needs.

QORTector Mobility - a mobile version that has a battery attachment and expanded Wi-Fi range, for your mobile node and network security needs. Will also include a SIM card slot, for 4G connectivity and completely mobile internet, Wi-Fi Mesh Networking to eventually be rid of paying for internet entirely by utilizing P2P Mesh Networks for transferring internet data, without being forced to pay a 'gateway provider'.

The list is literally limitless as far as future possible functionality... Stay tuned to the Qortal Team's announcements for development updates!



Contribution Based Development and Enhancements

Without the contributions of the community, Qortal Team would not have been able to develop this device, and we will continue to focus on User Based Contributions, to decide the future versions of the device, and their future functionality.

Retaining Fully OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT in ALL ASPECTS. Both Hardware and Software of the device and what runs on it, will ALWAYS be fully open source.