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‘Virtual Launch’ and Pre-Launch begin.

Hello to all Qortal Community members and supporters! Today we are going to be explaining the next phases of the project, and how things will go from here. There have been a few changes, due to necessities. In this post we will explain those changes and what will take place from here on out, for…

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The end of the ‘not-so-DEX’ reign of terror.

Hello once again Qortal supporters! Today I have come to speak to you on a personal note. (crowetic) Long ago, there was a term called ‘DEX’… initially this term was meant to be one that was revered and meant to be something to run the future methods of trading taking place in the crypto-currency and…

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Qortal Launch Push-back – 01.01.2020

Hello to all Qortal supporters! This post is to simply make everyone aware of the decision that was made today. That decision is that the launch of the Phase 1 of the platform, is being pushed back by 1 month, to the date 01.01.2020 (Jan 1, 2020). The decision to do this was made for…

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