Details of The Qortal Network – infrastructure for the future.

Qortal Network – Secure infrastructure for the future

Overall information

The Qortal Network is meant to rebuild the infrastructure of the world. From the internet, to stock and other financial markets, to an overall verification infrastructure and voting system for the people of the world to utilize for many potential use cases.

As such, the entire system of Qortal was built with these things in mind, and built to be long-lasting, secure, and used by the entire world.

Quite a few of the existing systems of the world contain severe security vulnerabilities, incorrect structures (or no structure at all), and lack of fundamentally secure basics.

Qortal aims to address every issue in the traditional infrastructure, from the ground up in a different fashion that can be made use of by the world to create a truly HONEST, OPEN, FAIR ecosystem literally driven BY THE PEOPLE.

Security Differences
(between existing systems and Qortal)

One of the main core differences between the traditional internet and Qortal overall, is the fact that there is no centralized authentication system, but at the same time, there IS a system that CAN authenticate users that isn’t controlled by any one user or group.

This opens the door for many different things to take place in a MUCH more secure fashion.

Another core difference is the fact that NO information that can be used to authenticate a user to an account, is EVER saved without being encrypted. The ‘seedphrase’ for a Qortal account’s authentication information (when created in the default method without ‘advanced user’ checkbox) is saved LOCAL on the device that created the account, encrypted with a passphrase made up by the user upon creation.

The encrypted backup information can then be saved both in the Qortal UI app (if option is checked) or web browser (if accessed that way), or by the saving of the encrypted backup file to a drive, etc…

All of these methods NEVER have information that isn’t encrypted, meaning the only way a user could access another user’s account, would be to either have the device/method/passphrase of a saved account, or the backup file/passphrase (which can be different upon each backup saved) and access to a full Qortal Core / UI installation.

Each user saves their account information in this fashion, making Qortal VERY secure at the base level.

Another aspect that makes Qortal more secure, is the fact that NO information is EVER sent outside of the user’s local machine, that could be utilized to gain authentication over a Qortal account.

For example: A transaction in Qortal being created, is fully started, created, and signed IN THE UI of Qortal, then the SIGNED TX is then sent to the core (which is also local) for broadcast to the network.

There are two entirely separate encryption engines in Qortal. In the UI and in the core, so that the core can verify the transaction created by the UI was created correctly, but the core doesn’t need the information that created the transaction.

Traditional systems contain a database of username/password information that could be hacked. Qortal has NO database of information, it merely allows transactions to be created, signed, and submitted as long as the user contains the keys necessary to do so. Therefore, there is NO DATABASE OF USER INFO TO HACK.

Qortal’s security when compared to credit cards, is one I like to give as a simple explanation to people when talking about Qortal and why it is so greatly improved over traditional systems…

Think of a credit card, now… if you drop your card, ANY other person can pick it up, and make use of it… since the information to USE THE ACCOUNT, is actually printed ON THE CARD. This is NO SECURITY AT ALL. So credit card companies often have to rely upon ‘fraud prevention’ and ‘refunds’ to people, since they experience countless fraudulent transactions on a daily basis.

In Qortal, it simply isn’t possible for any other user to access an account, unless the creator of the account gives the other user the passphrase to decrypt their locally saved backup information. As simple as that, it just isn’t possible to access another user’s account, without that user providing the information to do so.

Qortal’s Security – Complete Security

Taking the same method of security used for the account side of Qortal, and applying it to MORE, allows Qortal to provide a secure INFRASTRUCTURE that can rebuild nearly every application, website, social media and communications, etc… that exists today in the world.

On top of that, the ability to utilize the verification system of Qortal, to verify other applications, etc.

Therefore, we can take and make a very secure application, while at the same time allowing users to not need individual username/password combinations for each app, once they verify with Qortal, they are verified for any application that utilizes Qortal.

Qortal can become a global authentication system so users NEVER NEED TO REMEMBER A BUNCH OF USER/PASS COMBINATIONS AGAIN. While also providing a level of security to the overall, that as of yet has not been seen in the world. No centralized database to hack at all, no need for multiple different user/pass combos for multiple different apps/sites, and complete security for the world.

Applying Qortal’s Security outside of accounts and transaction verification

Taking the method Qortal uses for verification, and applying it to other avenues, is the overall goal of Qortal.

Blockchains are by far the most secure databases in the world, and the methods Qortal uses are more secure than most blockchains. Therefore, making use of the security of the base level of Qortal, and taking it to other aspects of the world’s needs, is the overall goal.

For example, Qortal can utilize its security for data and web hosting. When this is completed, data that is put up for a user or a website, is verified by the user’s account that put the data there, and therefore is ONLY ABLE TO BE CHANGED BY THEM. Simple as that. Any other method will not allow the data to be changed, so the account that created the data is the only account that can modify it.

Continuing to utilize these methods and improving them in The Qortal Network, will allow us to build a TRULY SECURE infrastructure that the future world may utilize to bring back SECURITY, and individual sovereignty to everyone in the world.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on various other aspects of Qortal.


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