How-to Use the Trade Portal to buy QORT with BTC directly cross-chain

Hello, I figured I would finally do a text and photo based how-to, on utilization of the Trade Portal. This is a walk-thru on exactly how to use the trade portal to buy QORT with BTC.

NOTE – This tutorial assumes you have already…

  1. Installed Qortal CORE AND UI
  2. Sync’d the Chain
  3. Have local core and local UI AND CORE you are planning to use. (everything on the Trade Portal MUST BE USED LOCAL ONLY. Meaning, you have to have the SYNC’D CORE, AND UI, ON THE SAME COMPUTER, AND BE ACCESSING IT LOCALHOST. Welcome to a TRULY DECENTRALIZED platform.)

Step 1.Fund Your Local Qortal BTC Wallet

wallet - Bitcoin Wallet - Qortal UI

In Qortal, every coin that is listed on the Trade Portal, is NATIVELY SUPPORTED BY QORTAL.

This means, that the BTC wallet that you MUST USE to TRADE within the Trade Portal, is a LOCAL BTC wallet, NATIVELY SUPPORTED IN QORTAL.

To obtain your address, simply click ‘wallet – BTC wallet’ and get your BTC address. 

This address is tied to your Qortal account, so no matter which computer you use to login, you will ALWAYS get the SAME BTC ADDRESS.

Step 2. – Wait for 3 confirms, for the coin to SHOW UP in your local Qortal BTC wallet.

Due to the need for 3 confirms in order for the coins to be USABLE, the coins only SHOW UP AFTER 3 CONFIRMS ON THE BTC NETWORK.

So just wait until you get 3 confirms, and the coin will show up.

REMEMBER – This is a LOCAL WALLET, you are NOT DEPOSITING COIN anywhere. You are simply MOVING THE COIN TO ANOTHER WALLET YOU CONTROL inside Qortal. (Potentially moving from one that you don’t if you are sending from an exchange, etc…)

Step 3.Access the Trade Portal Inside the Qortal UI – find a sell you want – click it – click ‘buy

Then simply WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN. You will see the status of the trade in your ‘My Orders’ section below the buy section. It will update during the various steps involved in a Cross-Chain Trade.

That’s it! The trade will then complete, and you will obtain the QORT from the trade – directly cross-chain with no 3rd party!

Welcome to the FUTURE of TRADING! Enjoy!

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