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Today I am here to talk about the


Which have been made to the Qortal Network.

We are adding in a WHOLE PLETHORA of new features… so many in fact, that they required a HARD FORK. 

With a new base level method of transactions, and new tx type, the only way we could implement the new features, was with a Hard Fork, however, writing of the Hard Fork Code for Qortal, was not something we felt to be a great use of developer time at the moment, thus, we have decided to instead:

LAUNCH THE NEW FEATURES ON THE NEW TESTNET ONLY – That’s right, new features will ONLY work on the new Qortal Testnet Network.


In order to get access to the new features, you will first need to download the testnet software, and sync the new testnet.

Step 1 – Download Testnet Software from Crowetic Cloud

We decided not to issue a github update/release in the official fashion for the new testnet version, as to not confuse people with multiple ‘release versions’. Therefore, the testnet version will be available as a download from Crowetic Cloud.

Link – https://cloud.crowetic.com

Step 2 – **if this is your second time downloading the files, new files on june 4, please be sure not to run in the same folder unless you delete your db folder. the chain was reset again.** Extract the zip and Run the script that is appropriate for your OS

Windows usersrun-testnet.bat

**note for windows users – the bat file uses the java version from C:\Program Files\Qortal\jre, so if you don’t have the mainnet Qortal version installed in default location, it wil fail. Here are the options…(option 1 is the easiest and recommended method)

  1. Install the mainnet Qortal 1.0.8 Exe to the default location – download from here – https://github.com/QORT/qortal/releases/download/v1.0.8/Qortal-1.0.8.exe
  2. if you have it installed in a non-default, edit the batch file and point to the location you have it setup.
  3. install java 11+ and change bat file to just ‘java’ instead of the path.

Linux Users run-testnet.sh

At this point the suggestion is to run the testnet and the mainnet simultaneously, which is why we have done it this way to avoid confusion. There will be TWO QORTAL ICONS on your TASKBAR, one 1.1.0 testnet, and one 1.0.8 mainnet.

For the testnet version if you’re running it on windows, you will need to keep the cmd window open and simply minimize it,  in order to keep the testnet core running.

Step 3Let it Sync

At the time of this post, the block number is – 10345

it should not take very long to sync at all!

Step 4Access The UI via one of the testnet-only hosted UI links

(this is important to note! – At the moment, until the mainnet is on the same version as the testnet ((which will likely be Genesis very soon!)) you can only access these links for use with the TESTNET)

UI servers:



No-install UI servers:

The links below require NO INSTALLATION, but do not allow you to do minting key assignment, as you need your own node for that.



**note – keep in mind that no matter HOW you access the Qortal UI, NOTHING is ever sent outside of your local computer. Even transactions, are formed FULLY IN THE UI LOCALLY before a finalized transaction is sent to the API. NO PRIVATE INFORMATION IS EVER EVEN SENT TO THE CORE API!

At the moment we are working out a method for an ‘install-free’ hosted UI, allowing you to access your account, send coin, chat, etc etc… essentially anything but node management and assigning minting keys, without the need to set ANYTHING up. I will make a new post detailing this in the near future. This method will utilize both a remote UI server, as well as a remote core, to provide access. With it anything aside from node management / minting tasks will be able to be accomplished without worry about installing anything.

Experience the NEW FEATURES!

New Features

There are too many features to list as far as enhancements, changes to improve speed, etc… but the MAIN NEW FEATURES ARE:


Blockchain-based, decentralized, REAL-TIME, memory algo PoW-powered chat app that runs utilizing a specialized transaction type in Qortal that expires after 1 day and never fully confirms to the blockchain. This means that messages on Q-chat are ‘temporary’ (for now, until we add a feature to ‘permatize’ messages of your choosing ‘pinning’) and instant!

*note* – at the moment, Q-chat PMs are the only messages that are end-to-end encrypted, utilizing the private keys of the accounts in the PM. This is annotated by the lock icon in the PM on the left hand side of the chat.

Groups WILL be end-to-end, but at the moment are only base58 encrypted. This means they are not plain text, but a smart person could potentially pull and decrypt them, so use the groups chat now for things that don’t need extreme security. We are working out the method to end-to-end encrypt the group chats, but it requires a totally different methodology than PMs do.

Name Registration

The ability to register an on-chain name tied to your address that for now functions as a ‘username’ in the chat. (this will have a lot more functionality in the future)

Group Management (on-chain groups)

Create and manage your groups on-chain! Qortal (the only?) blockchain is capable of on-chain groups with Admins, and specialized transactions that need group approval of a set % of the members in the group (kind of like multi-sig, but with a group and setting requiring x% of the group members to approve the tx before it is broadcast to the chain.)


Groups (for Q-chat)

– by default, when you create an on-chain group in Qortal, you will also get a group chat specific to that group! With this, your group can have a private location to chat with one another.

UI Enhancements GALORE!

The UI has been improved in MANY ways.

On top of speed and loading enhancements, changes to increase responsiveness and function overall, there are some neat new visible features as well!

Now shows account level and name at top left in profile area.

Testnet Switch, block height indicator, version indicator, and minting status indicator!

and MUCH MORE! You really need to experience for yourself to see it all!

That’s it for now, we will VERY SOON be launching the Genesis!

Stay Tuned!


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