Greetings Qortians and newbies yet to become Qortians!

I feel like I haven’t been keeping up with the blog nearly as well as I should… and thus, I am here today to explain the answer to :

Yo Qortal Dev Team!? What’s UP?

A very complex question, with multiple potential meanings, and answers that could be a plethora of different possibilities? I thought so as well!

Broad Answers to Broad Questions, that’s how we roll.

Thus I shall attempt to give an ‘overview’ of the current scenario in Qortal, ways for people to find more information and/or give suggestions for additional information they may be seeking, etc.


Development Updates

The status of Qortal Development, is EXTREMELY ACTIVE, and honestly moving at a faster pace than I had originally expected. Both the core and UI development is moving at a fast pace, and is on track for Genesis launch THIS MONTH, at least that’s how it seems right now. (As we are well aware, giving dates for things such as Qortal, wherein development is completely uncharted territory, is quite difficult… However, we are very close now and I think if we’re not in Genesis this month, it will be very soon after.)

From here on out, MANY FEATURES will start showing their face into the Qortal Ecosystem. Ones which I’m certain you all will enjoy!

Qortal Development Overview and Next Steps

The Qortal UI, with the assistance of a new developer, has been moving along at a much quicker pace than it had been previously. The UI is now basically keeping up with the core in terms of development speed, and as such, should allow us to quickly push out new features, enhancements, etc… in a much more rapid fashion than we have in the past.

The Qortal UI no longer needs to be built from source. In fact, DO NOT BUILD IT FROM SOURCE UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO. There is no need, and doing so will simply be a time you could have spent on something else, completely unnecessary!

The Qortal UI has now ‘Snap Package’ via the Ubuntu ‘Snaps’ system. To setup the UI via this method on an Ubuntu Desktop machine (or compatible) – simply issue ‘snap install qortal-ui‘. You will then have a fully functional local application version of the Qortal UI in your installed applications. Search ‘qortal-ui’ in your system, and run it! You’ll see!

The early days of needing to build the UI, are now behind us.

Release versions exist for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. 

The release version is built with ‘Electron’, thus making the app into a desktop application, no longer requiring the use of a browser. This allows for saving accounts in the UI without worry about clearing your cached data and files in your browser, deleting your saved account, as well as more control over exact function for the developers without worry of a browser causing issues.

There hasn’t been a release in a while, however… That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been work going on… in fact, there has been a LOT of work happening, with the UI team coming daily with new enhancements, updates, features, speed improvements, etc.

The next UI release is one I am anxiously awaiting, and one that will include a bunch of new functionality. From Groups Management, to Name Registration, to a full new CHAT system with a completely new tx type and a Memory-Hard PoW algorithm that powers the sending of messages… This allows them to be FREE (no tx fee) and also makes it so that the chain doesn’t get spammed by a potential attacker looking to flood the chain. This is something that I am fairly certain is UNIQUE to QORT. I am not aware of any other blockchain platform that is able to accomplish such a thing.

As of this moment, everything above is complete, aside from the front end for the chat, the back end is there in the development core, but the front end isn’t finished yet.

Along with those above, we are adding:

ASSETS plugin – issue a new asset, trade asset/QORT within Qortal.

Block height notifier – shows current block at the bottom of the UI

Core version notifier – shows current core version being used by UI at the bottom of the UI

QORA seed login save fix

QORA seed login, download backup fix

other login issue fixes

Ability to remove minting key from chain – used mostly for sponsors to remove their key once minter has reached level 1, also can be used for typical ‘reward shares’ to be removed if needed.

Ability to remove minting key from node – for sponsorships that have ended, and normal minting key issued, you can now remove the sponsor key.

multiple speed and development-focused enhancements for the platform overall

multiple little bug fixes



As you may or may not know, the Trade Portal, was initially the ‘main reason’ for Qortal’s creation. (Hence the name qortal, being ‘portal’ with a ‘backwards P’, in case you might not have noticed.)

The Trade Portal, is a COMPLETELY CROSS-CHAIN BTC to QORT trade system. With it, you will be able to directly trade BTC for QORT! It not only means users will NEVER need to DEPOSIT coin to a centralized exchange, risking loss of coin, regulation, etc… But also, it means Qortal itself, and QORT coin, will NOT NEED AN EXCHANGE.


I will post more updates very soon. There is a LOT coming for Qortal. I am also planning to have a bunch more explanation IN the UI itself, so that understanding what everything is should be without need of research at all.

I have put a lot of time into design for the UI for trades, etc, and am very excited for the next few versions, and soon… Qortal Genesis!


Thank you for your continued support!

Qortal Current Development Team – crowetic





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