Hello again to all!

I am back to post about some important updates we’ve been making!


The Qortal Core

The Core has seen some large improvements in forking issues, and usage of the systems it runs on.

Everyone should Update their Core if they haven’t already.


1.0.4 is the newest version.


Now, you only have to run the core and access a hosted UI server if you choose.

That’s right, I have changed the way things are done during the time there are a lot of updates constantly taking place.

People now do not have to run their own UI server if they don’t choose to.

No more do you have to build a UI server yourself.

You do not have to worry about anything, as EVERYTHING RUNS LOCAL STILL regardless of where you access the UI from.

You DO have to have a core running on the machine you’re accessing from FOR NOW. All the Calls to the API are done LOCALHOST to the CLIENT MACHINE.

All the WALLET STUFF is DONE LOCAL as ALWAYS. Regardless of where you access the UI from, everything is loaded LOCAL to the accessing client, and used LOCAL ONLY. So don’t worry.


Release versions of the UI for Windows, Linux, and Mac

That’s right, we have release versions of the UI for Windows, linux, and mac users.

Right now I am pushing an update and a new release will come shortly after the automated build system completes.

I will make another post about this when the new release is done from the automated system.

(there is a release there currently, but windows machines have issues with one portion, which is why a new one is being done.)


Thank you all for your continued support of the Qortal Project.


Make sure you install a core, sync up, and test the hosted UI server, so you can see the ease of use for every Qortal User.



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