Qortal Pre-launch Chain is Live!

As I mentioned in the la first post, the pre-launch chain is now live! Current block is 483 and counting!

But not just that, the METHOD by which we initiated this restart of the pre-chain from development chain at block 37k+, to public chain at block 0… Was done in a method that has never been done before!

Starting off right, with a new World First!

Qortal – World’s first full automatic update execution of a complete chain restart!

Due to the fact that Qortal has a system wherein groups can be created, and those groups can then control certain specialized transaction types… The development group (on-chain group ID: 1) today issued an auto-update  of the chain, via its specialized auto-update transaction. The special transaction tells every node that after x block, they are to update to a newer jar file with MD5 hash, and re-start thus updating to the new version automatically for EVERY NODE IN THE NETWORK!

I am fairly certain that we are one of the only, if not THE only chain in the world, that can accomplish a network-wide update via issuance of a multi-signed and verified transaction by a given group… in fact… I am not so sure that any other chain even HAS groups, or the possibility to have groups. I am pretty sure this is a feature unique to our core.

This is a SMALL PART of our system, but an important one, and one which mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in our opinion, will have to have, in order to become a reality. With this automatic update system, 20% of the development group (which can have members added later or removed if necessary, but right now consists of the core team main developers) must approve the transaction in order for the update to take place. Once that happens, BAM! The entire network of nodes gets updated within the next 5 minutes or so.

This particular update was specifically interesting, due to the fact that it was also a CHAIN RESET, issuing the change from private dev pre-chain version, to the public pre-chain version.

There will only be ONE MORE RESET to the system, and that will be during the Genesis Auto-Update. We have setup a system that no matter what, when a node comes online, even if they were NOT online during the update issuance, they will still be able to sync their old version to the tx of the update, update, and come right back. That way, from this point on… NO ONE WILL EVER HAVE TO MANUALLY UPDATE AGAIN. VERSION 1.0.1 IS THE VERSION THAT WILL NEVER REQUIRE ANY FURTHER MANUAL UPDATES TO THE CORE, EVEN AFTER GENESIS AUTO-UPDATE TAKES PLACE.

Now, on to the How-To’s

Of course, seeing as this is a TOTALLY CUSTOM system, there are many ‘caveats’.

Also, due to the fact that the UI isn’t fully complete, and definitely isn’t to where I really wanted it to be as far as ease of use… there were MANY questions from users setting things up and getting to the point they could run and test the Qortal Blockchain Platform.

Lets Start With Some ‘Key Points to Remember’

 The CORE and the UI are two separate systems. – You must run the core for the blockchain portion, sync/mint, etc. 

 The UI is still in very early stages, many things are not ‘active’ – some of the data is ‘fake’ like the QORA previous balance, etc… I will be having it updated to say ‘coming soon’, soon. 😉

 All cryptography, privkeys, etc… and management of that, is done with the UI in a very secure fashion. only public stuff goes to the core.

The core does auto updates now. The UI does not. In the future we will have a release package for the UI (built with electron) which will auto-update as well.

Also in the future, the core and UI will have a single bundled package.

The QORA stuff is not part of the active chain yet, but will be soon. – this means the people coming from QORA, can still import their seeds, but will not see a balance yet, or earn yet until that goes live. We should be pushing it live soon. Also, the import of a previous QORA forging account, will not give a level assignment yet. I will be verifying all of this information soon, and posting another update.

Simple Stuff – Starting the UI and core

First, start the core, this handles all the blockchain stuff, has the blockchain UI, etc…

To start the core, on linux you will download the release zip and run the ‘run.sh’ script. This will start the core server, and run on your systray with an icon (if you have a taskbar on your version of linux). On Windows, you will run the qortal-1.0.1.exe file, which is an installer, and will install the core to your system. Once installed, search ‘qortal’ and run ‘Qortal’ application. That in turn will run the Qortal.jar file and the core.

To start the UI you will (during the time we do not  have a release package out, and instead, scripts to help people build from source…) simply enter the ‘qortal-ui’ directory (after the initial scripts have built and run it for the first time…) and run a command ‘yarn run server’. This is done via terminal or cmd. There is also a start script for windows which I posted in my previous blog post.

Simple stuff – Basic UI usage – Log in

Minting – pre-enabled account – start minting

For those of you who are included in the pre-enabled minting accounts… you are pre-able to issue the self-reward-share at launch. This means you do not have to obtain a sponsorship to be a minter. However, you still have to do a few things, in order to START MINTING.

Go to ‘reward share’ section, and input your pubkey (shown in the ‘profile’ section which is the little circle icon up by the address at the top left of the UI) and click ‘submit’. Also, note that the term written on this section of the reward share page ‘reward share public key’ is incorrect, this is NOT the reward share public key you are putting in… it is the RECIPIENT public key! We will be changing the wording of this.


One block needs to pass, for a single confirm

Go to ‘Node Management‘ section and ‘add minting account‘ (at the top right) input the key that was spit out during step 2. (The one you should have SAVED). Hit ‘ADD

**note – NO MESSAGE WILL COME UP AFTER YOU HIT ADD ON THE ADD MINTING ACCOUNT TO YOUR NODE, this does NOT mean it didn’t work… Simply go to the wallet page again, then back to node management and you will see your assigned minting key with its pair of minter and recipient. (This is obviously not intended behavior and will change in upcoming versions. Along with the complete layout and wording for the minting stuff. All of this will be made simpler.)

That’s it!

You do NOT need to run the UI server to continue minting, only the CORE must be running once assigned to your node.

I will do another post soon with more information.

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