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Apologies for not posting in a little while recently… We have been HARD AT WORK finishing up the final touches of the front-end client for Qortal’s pre-launch chain (now shortening this term to ‘pre-chain’). The platform’s many years of development is all FINALLY coming together for the pre-chain launch!

(There have been quite a few changes just in the last couple weeks, both to the software, with the core node software package for linux and windows now being complete and available NOW, and to the hardware, with many updates pushed to the repos for the QORTector devices that now fully update kernel and all via APT package manager, just like any other debian distro!)

Yes, you heard correctly, the ‘core’ blockchain software (the ‘blockchain node’ software) is FULLY COMPLETE (with regard to the pre-launch plan and what all is scheduled for implementation at that time) and can be downloaded, run, and utilized via API calls on the existing ‘development pre-chain’ (if any user is interested in seeing what the future ‘web developers’ of Qortal’s system will be making use of to build any number of applications that in the future will be run unhackable on the Qortal network, they are more than welcome to do so. Both Windows exe installer, and a zip package with scripts for Linux OS’s is available, and can be run at any point (from now on) to make use of the API for making calls to the existing ‘developer pre-chain’ that has been pushing along in block height for around 20 days, currently at block 30606 (see http://node7.qortal.org:12391/blocks/height to verify for yourself!)

However… Qortal doesn’t plan to do things like quite a few blockchain platforms have in the past, and launch just the API… We instead, will not consider the platform’s pre-chain ‘launched’ completely, until the UI is there, simple, and beautiful for users to make actions take place in the core and blockchain, without any ‘extra tech knowledge’. We therefore, must have the entire platform (back end core, and front end client/UI) available.

Full back and front end soon ready for pre-chain

In my personal opinion, launching without a good User Interface (the ‘visual portion’ of any application) gives a ‘bad taste’ in the mouth of any ‘non-techie’ computer (or even blockchain platform) user, since they cannot simply ‘securely access their wallet, and accomplish whichever goal they wish. Leaving only the API for making use of a system, even only temporarily, is something I have ALWAYS said I didn’t want to see happen. (Are we really expecting everyone in the world to be getting every transaction done by compiling it, signing it, then submitting it with curl commands? Are most people even aware of what ‘curl commands’ are? Or do we expect all users to create and issue the 5 steps involved in the process to simply ‘start minting’… manually? NO! Qortal’s current development team does NOT expect this. We understand that API calls are meant for DEVELOPERS, not for end users. We grasp the fact that ‘typical computer users’ NEED a nice (and preferably as simple as possible to make use of…) User Interface with which to accomplish their Qortal Project needs.

The goals of Qortal Project go well beyond reaching only those people who are already within the cryptocurrency space, or worse, already developing within the realm… Qortal is planned to be global and ‘mainstream’ (for lack of a better word to say ‘every person in the world knows Qortal Project’, or ‘if they do not directly know, they use it without even realizing they are using it’. Qortal’s voting system as one example… eventually carrying out REAL votes in live communities, or even real world elections (without the worry of ‘vote manipulation’, ‘re-counts’, or any other potential failure possible with the joke-worthy voting systems that are currently utilized.) How awesome would it be to actually be able to obtain a realistic idea of how the world feels INDIVIDUALLY on any given subject? (Voting is only one aspect of individual sovereignty provided by Qortal, which gives an incredible transparent and unhackable method for actually giving a ‘voice’ to EVERY INDIVIDUAL in this large and chaotic world, instantly.)

Qortal’s overall platform can and will be utilized by any person in the world to take back their individual sovereignty in countless fun and unique ways. Back end core node software (java coded virtual server with a completely incredible API, and fully stable minting system, etc…) AND standalone front-end client (UI server software ran with node.js, able to run almost 100% without a core node at all, with every bit of ‘private’ information staying fully local and not being submitted to the blockchain node at all…) with full User Interface allowing all minting transactions, coin send and tx list/balance, and other basic core functionality planned for Phase 1, to take place with ease.

Registration for a new Qortal account, literally takes 10 seconds, and even if the user has no idea what they are actually doing! The system saves the account information completely encrypted with a local-only encryption password specific to the device, browser, and domain used for creation. This means that in order for someone to ‘steal’ access to your account… they have to have the device you used to create the account, the browser you accessed the front end server with, and the ‘domain’ (hostname, IP address, domain, etc… whichever you used…) on which you accessed the system… THEN have your local-only password as well! I think we can all agree that the likelihood of someone not only losing their device, but also explaining how the UI access took place, how to start and access the client, and their personal local encryption password to the person who stole the device… is pretty high on the ‘unlikely’ scale!

We (as the team currently leading Qortal development) are not the types to rush things simply to meet an arbitrary ‘launch date’. (as those who have been following us for years are probably keenly aware) We prefer to have a solid release, without any potential for any nonsense to take place (especially over something that would have only cost another couple days or so to correct). Of course, this ‘ideal release’ scenario isn’t always 100% possible, but luck is in favor of Qortal Users, even if there IS an issue with the release, as the flexibility and auto-update capability of the core node software, fixes and post-release updates can be done in minutes without anyone needing to actually DO anything at all.

Auto-updating is done by the ‘developer’ group on the chain issuing what essentially amounts to a ‘multi-signature acceptance transaction’ but done by each of the devs individually, and submitted via the corresponding transaction for ‘group approvals’. 3 out of 5 of the current people in the ‘developer’ group must approve the update, before the auto-update is actually initialized. Therefore, multiple sets of developer eyes must go over and approve the code prior to the update being pushed out to the entire network. Thus providing yet another layer of security of a different type. (We wouldn’t want to be in a situation where for some crazy unlikely reason a developer key was somehow taken, and used to single-handedly create, issue, and push an update to the entire network. That would be BAD! So requirements at the pre-chain restart at block 0, and public software release, will be 3 of 5 developers of the current core development team. Of course, as time goes on and Qortal grows, more developers come, etc… The option to increase the number of developer ‘OK’ stamps needed for an update, can also be done. Along with, of course, the change in the overall number of developers in the group itself.)

While waiting for one or another component or feature to actually (by what seems like magic from another realm) be written into reality by one of our amazing core coders… there may sometimes be available so-called ‘extra time’. This ‘extra time’ is where there isn’t something immediate and deadly important for every individual in the team and community to be accomplishing… logical follow-up question being:

What happens when the Qortal team and community get ‘extra time’?

Well… I for one, am happy you asked! The community and core people on the existing team are people unlike that which I have seen in any other scenario… Nearly EVERYONE is kind, patient, intelligent, and understanding! It is truly a sight to behold, seeing a community of like-minded individuals REALLY come together for the greater good! It makes me happy daily to come into the community and not only do I NOT see ‘WHEN LAMBO’ ‘WHEN LAUNNNCHHH’ ‘YOU SAY FEB 20! LIES!!! RABBLE!’ and other such fabled nonsense as is seen in many other crypto Discord servers… but to actually see EXTREMELY AWESOME IDEAS, coming from a multitude of people, new to the community or not… with or without ‘roles’ defined… it doesn’t matter! Everyone is contributing their 2 cents to one or another topic, with 99% of the time, total respect and honesty. I truly hope we can continue this trend post-launch, and well into the sure-to-be legendary lifespan of Qortal Project!

One might say that one of the most favored past times of the Qortal team and community, is CONCEPTUALIZATION! That is… the creating of new or maybe ‘uniquely altered existing’ ideas and potentially amaizing concepts to either implement, or attempt to implement within Qortal’s completely unique blockchain platform.

(In general we are basically always coming up with new and unique concepts, bouncing them off the community and other members of the ever-brilliant and ever-growing decentralized ‘team’ of worldwide stationed people both in and outside of the ‘core team’ that built the majority of what is being seen in the first software release.)

Thank you all for your patience and for being amazing!

This post is already much longer than I had expected it to be, so I will end it here. Thank you all very much for your continued patience, and I promise there will be something fully functional and available (albeit with a bit of ‘extra steps’ on the front end portion until mainnet and our electron package is completed) for everyone to download and use, VERY SOON!

Qortal Project – Decentralized Future for Everyone!



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