Hello to all Qortal Community members and supporters!

Today we are going to be explaining the next phases of the project, and how things will go from here.

There have been a few changes, due to necessities. In this post we will explain those changes and what will take place from here on out, for Qortal Project.

The launch of a project such as Qortal, takes quite a bit of preparation… from the software completion of a completely custom from-the-ground-up platform, to the hardware completion of the fully open source hardware devices Gen 1 QORTector platform. Launching such a project takes a lot of preparation and planning.

Due to the multiple aspects of the platform, and having to plan and prepare each, to launch on or around a specific date, it is quite a feat to accomplish on an exact date with all aspects coming together at exactly the right time.

What we have decided to do at this point, is a multi-phased pre-launch period. In this period we will ensure that every aspect of all areas of the platform are well maintained, and that all persons involved have the most fair and viable opportunity to be part of this launch.

The first step, is what we’re calling ‘the virtual launch’. This is the phase where we prepare everyone in the founder group, and all of the pre-order people, and anyone else who is awarded any sort of ‘special’ starting point in the software, to be prepared for the next steps.

The virtual launch is now underway, and crowetic has been gathering the information from the people who will be obtaining ‘special’ accounts to have them entered into the Genesis block.

All of the founders, and people who pre-ordered QORTectors, as well as contributors who are not founder level, but still contributed something to the project overall, are obtaining their pre-generated keys and preparing for the implementation of those keys into the pre-launch Genesis block.

We have also issued a test chain, which is the same idea as the ‘pre-launch chain’ which will take place when we issue the software out publicly.

The test chain is so that we can do a test of the ‘auto-update Genesis issuance’ that will take place on the pre-launch chain, during the step that it becomes the ‘real chain’. We need to check this system out prior to doing it live with users, so that we know everything will work as it did on our testnet tests.

We do not want to ‘rush’ anything, we haven’t until now, it would make no sense to do so now when we’re finally so close to the live platform. Therefore, because of some finishing touches needed on a few things, and some more testing on the auto-update Genesis planned, we are not giving out the software quite yet. This ‘virtual launch’ will prepare everyone who needs to be prepared, for the pre-launch block 1, get their accounts into that, and get ready for this pre-launch phase which will be coming in a very short time.

After the ‘virtual launch’ comes the ‘pre-launch’ which is a ‘test-main-net’ wherein users may install and test the software, utilize the chain, test minting, etc… and also KEEP THEIR ACQUIRED MINTING LEVELS through until the Genesis! The Genesis will be pushed in an auto-update, and will require no further software updates, or installations on the user side (at least for the core nodes, there may be a manual update of the UI required since we have not finished the creation of the auto-update portion for the UI, only for the core node software.) The Qortal core Node software, will NEVER have to be updated by anyone manually. This is a unique feature of the Qortal Chain, and allows it to be updated completely automatically, via a pushed transaction, with approval from 3 of 5 of the ‘core devs’ in the ‘development’ group on the chain. This unique feature, along with the ‘groups system’ on the chain, are two more unique sets of features that only Qortal Project has. We look forward to demonstrating the auto-update functionality with the auto-update Genesis push that will take place a few weeks after the pre-launch software has been issued for download.

We are going to be giving out the pre-launch software (if all of the virtual launch tests and information gathering goes as planned) within the upcoming week. So there is not much of an overall delay, simply a slight one for guarantees that everything will go to plan.

“We have been testing the ‘final UI’ as well, and I must say… it is BEAUTIFUL! I may do another post after this one and show some ‘inside scoop’ screenshots. So that everyone can see what the starting UI will look like. Overall, I must say, everything is going quite well, and I am supremely happy with everything I have seen thus far. I believe everyone in the community will be quite happy with the end result, despite the push back of the date the launch was planned!”

quote from crowetic

A project as large as Qortal, being developed throughout multiple countries, both hardware and software, and over a period of 5+ years (plus all the time into CIYAM platform prior to even getting involved with the Qortal Team) is an astonishing accomplishment overall, and having it get completed and launched perfectly, is the overall goal from everyone involved.

Feel free to jump into the Discord server (link at the top of the page) and join the community if you have any specific questions, etc. The community has been extremely understanding regarding the need to ensure the launch goes as planned, as opposed to going on a specific date, and they are a wonderful group of people. Get involved and come give us a shout if you’ve got any other questions or concerns related to Qortal Project!

Thank you again for your understanding, and look out for the announcement of the project’s pre-launch software release both here and on Bitcointalk within the upcoming week or so!

-Qortal Development Team

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