Hello to all Qortal supporters!

This post is to simply make everyone aware of the decision that was made today.

That decision is that the launch of the Phase 1 of the platform, is being pushed back by 1 month, to the date 01.01.2020 (Jan 1, 2020). The decision to do this was made for multiple reasons, the main of which are:

  • To Give more time for people to both forge QORA to be enabled as a minter, as well as time to burn their QORA.
  • To give a solid set date for that same QORA burn, with enough time ahead of it for everyone to be made aware of the information, get their nodes running, dump their seeds, and burn their QORA.
  • To allow some finishing time for the Qortal ‘QORTector’ hardware development. Shipping delays and some final decisions like the one to up the internal storage to 128GB, have caused the process of finishing up the final Gen 1 builds, to take a little longer than expected. Not to mention the fact that doing hardware-focused development throughout 4 countries, causes some delay simply due to timezones, etc.
  • The team would like the launch to be perfect, and a little more time ensures that the final necessary steps in both the hardware and software development can take place with adequate time remaining to relay information to the community, and prepare everyone for the next steps.
  • The UI for the platform still needs a few finishing touches, so that a test version can be finalized, and the device demo’d to the public, with the testnet, and full UI.
  • To potentially allow for the creation of both a method to enable ‘level swapping’ from one account to another, as well as the creation of an ‘pre-genesis account creation’ page for those users who are entitled to a pre-enabled minting account either from a donation to the dev team during device pre-sale, or due to the fact the user is a ‘founder’ on the network. The creation of these accounts prior to genesis is a necessary step, and the creation of the page with which to accomplish this, is still needed. Then once it is created, giving enough time for those users to get their account keys generated, and relay them to our core developer for implementation in the Mainnet Genesis block. *Should the decision be made to enable ‘level swapping’ capability, the option to create an account post-launch may also be available. Decision is still being made in that regard.
  • To allow a bit more time for the pre-sale of the hardware, along with completion of the final additions on the beta firmware of the device. We believe that the pre-sale finally being promoted more aggressively only during the last week, didn’t allow for enough time for people to both find out about it, check it out, and make the decision to either purchase a device, or be a donator to get themselves a pre-enabled minting account.
  • To give more ‘reach’ of the existing marketing efforts for the platform itself, and get more eyes on the platform’s status prior to launch. Both to ensure that any other QORA holders aren’t out there and not seeing the news, and provide new users a chance to be able to get in at the ground level of this truly incredible platform that is able to be truly ground-breaking and extremely successful.
  • To provide more demos of both the hardware and software, have professional marketing images and documents put together, and potentially secure an investor for the device itself, leading to much larger outreach efforts, and increase in userbase potential prior to QORT launch
  • To allow the final Qortal MainNet version to be pre-installed on qroTecTor, as well as allow shipping of QORTector devices to be done at the same time as the launch, so that users who have ordered the device can hopefully start securing the chain with their QORTector node on the first day.
  • To give time for the infrastructure team to setup multiple other base nodes for both the testnet and MainNet.
  • To give a little more time for further testing and any necessary changes to both the UI, and back end, as well as the more full testing of the auto-update system. (To also potentially allow the testnet to MainNet auto-update… if that is decided to be a viable option by the core developer.

The above list is the majority of reasons the decision was made, however, we have opened up the subject to discussion in the community Discord server as well, if you have an opinion on the date change, let us know! We are always here to listen to any input given by our community, and give our reply accordingly.

Join the Discord server here – https://discord.gg/QWSq9Q4

Thank you for your continued support of the Qortal platform, and we are very excited to be launching the platform in January. Until then, join the community, get involved, and get excited with us!

Thank you!

crowetic – Qortal current devleopment team

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